Outdoor Model 63

What is the difference between CW and AD?

Cold Wall or (CW) has copper coils throughout the walls of the merchandiser that chill the box.

Auto Defrost or (AD) uses a blower to push air throughout the ice merchandiser in order to keep the ice cold. This form of cooling typically keeps condensation build up to a minimum.

The main difference between Cold Wall and Auto Defrost is that Cold Wall units tend to build up ice along the walls and will need to be cleaned and defrosted regularly. If you are purchasing an ice merchandiser for a humid environment, Auto Defrost is recommended.

Outdoor Model 63


Specifications (L063U Outdoor)

63 cubic feet capacity - approx. 225 
7 lb. bags*

Outside dimensions

Width "
Depth 30"
Height 76-1/2"

Solid Door Dimensions
Double 26 3/4" x 45" solid door

1/2 horsepower compressor
404A Refrigeration

Add to Cart (L063U Outdoor)


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 Freight Information

Price does not include freight.  Freight will be added to order total when shipped.  FOB Mfg. Please use our contact form if you would like a freight quote.

Applicable sales tax will not be included.

Lift gate delivery is an additional cost

*Merchandiser storage capacity for bagged ice may vary due to type of ice, ice bag size differences and methods of loading. Estimated quantity of bags calculated for automatic defrost model.
*Need more than a couple of units - call for best price

Don't forget Ice Bags!

ice bags

Don't forget ICE BAGS for your ICE MERCHANDISER! We have various size bags that will be perfect for your needs. Check out our ice bags page before you checkout!

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