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Description Part Number Picture Price Add to Cart
AD/CW Electrical box EAE-0002 No Picture $13.31 AddTOCart
Shield for thermostat, CW EAE-0035 No Picture $2.27 AddTOCart
Selco thermostat with knob ACB-8046-S 132-8046 $24.82 AddTOCart
Thermostat Cutler-Hammer #9530N986 used on CW's before 1986 ACB-8001 132-8001 $31.65 AddTOCart 
Ranco thermostat #010-1072 AD (used on 4x8 and 5x9 units) ACB-8018 132-8018 $93.52 AddTOCart 
Thermostat high limit ACB-8003 132-8003 $18.11 AddTOCart 
Thermostate for cooler - air temperature range from 28 to 49 degrees ACB-8040 No Picture


Bracket for mounting thermostat or timer EAE-0001 515-0001 $2.22 AddTOCart 
Thermostat low temp ACB-8041 No Picture $25.17 AddTOCart 
Defrost timer 15 min 4 hour - Star/Starrett ACB-8023-S No Picture $29.90 AddTOCart 
Defrost timer for IS101UG ACB-8012 reaplced by ACB-8015    
Defrost timer (DTSC-120) 40 amp, Grasslin ACB-8015 No Picture $157.67 AddTOCart 

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