Unit Coolers Component Parts - Misc

Unit Coolers Component Parts - Misc

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complete evaporator kit


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Drain nipple/fitting , aluminum for evaporator pans


no picture



Drain Hose - Tubing Flexible 1/2" - sold per foot

AHE-0005 flexible drain hose tubing $ 1.15 AddTOCart

Evaporator drain line heater, LCl coils

ABF-2007 no picture $ 26.88 AddTOCart

Fan guard with screw holes offset

used prior to 6/1/87

ACJ-6006 fan guard $ 7.22 AddTOCart

Fan blade

ACJ-2008-S fan guard $ 1.54 AddTOCart

Fan guard with screw holes on center

effective 6/1/87

ACJ-6023-S fan guard $ 4.72 AddTOCart

Fan motor Uppco #5782


fan motor

$ 25.17


Fan motor bracket

EAB-0140 no picture $ 2.58 AddTOCart

Heater Clips

AAF-0003 no picture $ 1.98 AddTOCart

Nut, hex # 6-32, zinc (mounts motor to bracket)

AKF-5073 no picture $ 0.08 AddTOCart

Nut, hex # 8-32, zinc (mounts bracket to drain pan)

AKF-5053 no picture $ 0.08 AddTOCart

Screw, slotted, pan # 8-32 x 3/4" (mounts bracket to drain pan)

AKF-1136 no picture $ 0.08 AddTOCart

Suction line adapter kit

ECE-0006 no picture $ 8.58 AddTOCart

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